Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dick Young, RIP

Dick Young, founder of Dick's Brewing Co. of Centralia Washington, passed away on Sunday, due to an aortic aneurysm. He was 56. As they say, get yourself checked out!

I'm working my way through a six-pack of Dick's India Pale Ale as a kind of tribute. (also, I ran out of Pilsner Urquell) As a hopfreak, if I was worried about the possibility of being able to drink this in the future, I have read an article that has put me at my ease. He wrote everything down in his "bible," and the brewery will continue to crank out very decent beers, though his spirit and presence will be missed.

For the bitter people out there this beer has an IBU rating of (I believe) 90! Which makes it one of the bitterest beers on earth. And yet, it's yummy. Goes well with Chinese and Thai food (way better than Tsing Tao or Singha), backs up against spicy foods like nobody's business.

We'll miss you, Dick, but we will continue to love your beers.

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